“International Resources: Metaverse for International Educators” by Cook, Price, Scholl, Mines, Bednarz, et al. …

  • ©Andy Cook, McKenzie Price, Laura Scholl, Mellisa Mines, Tomasz Bednarz, and June Kim



    International Resources: Metaverse for International Educators


    Metaverse is a shared virtual 3D world that is interactive, immersive, and collaborative. NVIDIA Omniverse paves the way for interconnected creativity in 3D, physically realistic, virtual worlds. In this presentation we explore the latest interactive and collaborative workflows made possible by Omniverse. We believe educators and students will help us shape the future of a world with an infinite number of connections, app to app, person to person, and classroom to classroom. We will cover how to get started with Omniverse in an educational setting Programs for Educators and other resources available through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute and the NVIDIA Studio Education Partner Program. Multiple hands-on labs using Omniverse are offered at SIGGRAPH in the West Building, Ballroom A/B on Monday & Tuesday August 8th& 9th.