“Ikimo: Open Entry-Level Robotics Platform” by Fernando, Rod, Eisner and Cordero

  • ©Charith Lasantha Fernando, Jan Rod, David Eisner, and Mauricio Cordero



    Ikimo: Open Entry-Level Robotics Platform



    Ikimo is a low-cost entry level robotics ecosystem build under Open Source Hardware license developed initally as part of research project in Keio University. The project was motivated by the lack of financially accessible robots on the market that would be able to support very wide scope of research projects, that vary in complexity and demands on the technology – including the needs for possible modifications both to software and hardware. Ikimo also functions as cheap robotics learning platform. It integrates physical designs, hardware and software and thus provides set of tools for various robotics applications, allowing modification based on users’ demands, as everything is shared under open source licenses. Ikimo was devised as an alternative to other robotics system used in research projects, such as Roomba, that do not (or do only partially) allow the modifications based on the application needs.

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