“Home Studio: DIY Interior Design in Mixed Reality” by Vazquez, Tan and Sadalgi

  • ©Christian Vazquez, Nicole Tan, and Shrenik Sadalgi


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    Home Studio: DIY Interior Design in Mixed Reality

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    Immersive Interaction - New Modalities



    Virtual staging of real estate listings increases the appeal of a property by letting prospective buyers envision a living space remotely. However, existing tools employed to stage homes limit the scale of the visualization to a set of fixed images provided by customers or require 3D artist expertise to reconstruct the space. The adoption of 3D Matterport scans has accelerated due to the Covid-19 pandemic as a means to enable virtual tours and adhere to social distancing guidelines. We present Home Studio, a virtual staging tool that empowers non-experts, letting them furnish any Matterport scene and create photo-realistic renders in a matter of minutes. Our tool lets customers dive into their designs using a virtual reality headset to assess the final product in an immersive experience.


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©Christian Vazquez, Nicole Tan, and Shrenik Sadalgi ©Christian Vazquez, Nicole Tan, and Shrenik Sadalgi ©Christian Vazquez, Nicole Tan, and Shrenik Sadalgi ©Christian Vazquez, Nicole Tan, and Shrenik Sadalgi

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