“BodyMap” by Jang, Huang and Bartipan

  • ©Sam Jang, Li-Ying Huang, and Tomas Bartipan


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    Immersive Medicine



    BodyMap is a medically accurate representation of the human body that can be manipulated in 3D virtual reality. Usersmay interact with the virtual body in numerous ways, including walking into the virtual body for a detailed inspection ofinternal organs, grabbing out anatomy structures for a closer look, and simulating instrument insertion techniques withinstant haptic feedback. This immersive learning approach enables users to transfer their knowledge gained fromanatomy textbooks and cadaver dissection lessons into an immersive environment and enhance it by continuousrepetition. This way of learning increases confidence in students’ own abilities and knowledge.

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©Sam Jang, Li-Ying Huang, and Tomas Bartipan ©Sam Jang, Li-Ying Huang, and Tomas Bartipan

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