“HapTONE: Haptic Instrument for Enriched Musical Play” by Ogawa, Tanabe, Yem, Hachisu and Kajimoto

  • ©Daichi Ogawa, Kenta Tanabe, Vibol Yem, Taku Hachisu, and Hiroyuki Kajimoto



Entry Number: 12


    HapTONE: Haptic Instrument for Enriched Musical Play



    This paper describes a novel music entertainment system that draws on auditory, tactile and visual senses. HapTONE presents players with high-fidelity vibrotactile sensations, not only after pressing the keyboard but also during the pressing operation itself. We developed keyboard type instrument that composed of key unit which is structured a vibrator and a distance sensor. This instrument reproduces the touch sensation of a keyboard, stringed, wind, percussion or non-musical instrument. We describe three applications of HapTONE that include: 1) the accurate replication of percussion instruments; 2) playing of pseudo-stringed instruments, and 3) synchronized vibration with animation. HapTONE is a musical entertainment system for players themselves using auditory, tactile and visual senses.


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