“Gumball Dreams: Live Theatre in VR” by Lyons, Lane Davis, Butchko, Frank, Tull, et al. …

  • ©Deirdre V. Lyons, Christopher Lane Davis, Stephen G. Butchko, Whitton Frank, Brian Tull, and Braden Roy


Entry Number: 08


    Gumball Dreams: Live Theatre in VR



    Since 2020 Ferryman Collective has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in theater by using VR technology to give audiences the ability to become a part of the story in a fully immersive way. VR theatre offers the feeling of embodiment and immersion that closely mimics the feeling of going to a theater in person, with the added interactivity of gaming, and the cinematic qualities of film. Ferryman Collective productions have been well received at the most prestigious festivals in the world and garnered many awards along the way.

    Gumball Dreams centers around the story of an ancient alien on the precipice of transitioning from this life to the next. Experience an excerpt of Ferryman Collective and Screaming Color’s award-winning production, Gumball Dreams. A one-on-one journey with an actor in VR for a 15-minute portion of this immersive theater play.

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