“Generation LEGO” by Greuel

  • ©Christian Greuel and Lisbeth Frølunde



    Generation LEGO

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    SIGKids Community Outreach



    Just imagine a child’s toy jumping off the shelf and taking on a life of its own. Through the magical combination of toys and technology, this dream has finally become a reality. The LEGO Group has developed a new generation of intelligent construction toys and learning tools for children. The key element is a programmable LEGO brick equipped with a microchip that enables children 10 years old and up to give behaviors and personalities to their hand-built models.  

    Two new LEGO products (LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Invention System and LEGO Technic CyberMaster) bring construction toys into the information age and give children an opportunity to build their own intelligent and interactive inventions. LEGO Mindstorms, developed in cooperation with the MIT Media Lab, is the first in a new generation of challenging, creative learning tools that enable children to use a PC to program intelligence into their LEGO inventions. LEGO Technic CyberMaster is a futuristic play set that combines the virtual fun of on-screen adventure with physical models. Children can build their own models and bring them to life with a home computer. 

    These new LEGO products are designed to empower children in an age of increasing computerization and challenge their creativity, craftsmanship, programming, and critical thinking. 

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