“Fast Teeth Scanning for Advanced Digital Dentistry” by Jensen, Bing, Jørgensen, Rasmuson, Lillemark, et al. …

  • ©Peter Dahl Ejby Jensen, Michael Bing, Jens Christian Jørgensen, Sverker Rasmuson, Lene Lillemark, Morten Ryde Holm-Hansen, and Henrik Öjelund



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    In traditional dentistry, a patient has to bite into a block of silicone to create an impression of the teeth. The procedure can be uncomfortable, and it causes gagging for some patients. The impression is typically poured with gypsum to create a positive copy, a process that can damage the accuracy of the model.

    This presentation demonstrates a system for creating digital impressions using a 3D scanner to capture the surface geometry of a patient’s teeth. The scanner uses an advanced optical system to extract depth images of the surface. It can deliver up to 25 frames per second with micron-level resolution and can capture both semi-translucent and reflective surfaces. Automatic surface recognition and filtering improves the scanning experience, making it easy to operate the scanner in a patient’s mouth.

    The system is more comfortable for patients, and it is more accurate than traditional methods. It applies the latest research in 3D scanning to provide reconstructions with very high accuracy in real time.


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