“Fantasy3” by Moshell, Haxton, Hughes, Kilby and Gardner

  • ©Michael Moshell, David Haxton, Charles E. Hughes, Mark Kilby, and Jerry Gardner



Entry Number: 25



Program Title:

    Electric Garden



Project Affiliation:

    University of Central Florida


    Theme parks, movies, and virtual environments have much in common. Some have even claimed that simulated experiences will render theme parks obsolete. A partnership between the University of Central Florida and Disney i.d.e.a.s in Orlando is experimenting with the concurrent creation of an animated movie and a Web-based virtual experience above a theme park: Disney / M G M Studios. The key question: how can virtual world-building and animated film-making inform each other?

    Fantasy3 is a year-long Senior Design Project involving 30 undergraduate students from six academic departments, four faculty members, and several graduate students. The animated film concerns a group of aliens in a tour bus/spacecraft who visit the park and have typical tourist experiences, with a twist. The virtual world is similar, and some of the same experiences are available, but the story may turn out differently.


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