“Enjoy 360° Vision with the FlyVIZ” by Guillermo, Nouviale, Ardouin, Marchand, Marchal, et al. …

  • ©Andrade B. Guillermo, Florian Nouviale, Jérôme Ardouin, Eric Marchand, Maud Marchal, and Anatole Lécuyer


Entry Number: 06


    Enjoy 360° Vision with the FlyVIZ



    FlyVIZ is a novel concept of wearable display device which enables to extend the human field-of-view up to 360°. With the Fly- VIZ users can enjoy an artificial omnidirectional vision and see “with eyes behind their back”! The latest version of this approach called “FlyVIZ v2” that we propose for the SIGGRAPH audience is a novel, compact, and light-weight prototype based on consumergrade and on-the-shelf components. It assembles: a smartphone, a panoramic mirror, and an Oculus head-mounted-display in order to process a live video stream of the user’s surroundings and provide a real-time omnidirectional image. We propose SIGGRAPH attendees to test this unique sensory experience, and this new kind of augmented vision.


    ARDOUIN, J., LÉCUYER, A., MARCHAL, M., RIANT, C., AND MARCHAND, E. 2012. FlyVIZ: A Novel Display Device to Provide Humans with 360° Vision by Coupling Catadioptric Camera with HMD. In ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology.