“Economic Development Utilizing Hypermedia: Industrial Location Marketing”

  • ©Thomas M. Woodfin, Harlow C. Landphair, and Clifford F. Perry



    Economic Development Utilizing Hypermedia: Industrial Location Marketing

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    The Texas A&M Center for Urban Affairs is developing an interactive hypermedia system (utilizing SuperCard on the MacIntosh and a videodisc player) to facilitate industrial location marketing. The hypermedia system will enable developers to consult an interactive environment for information about the community. Effective regional and community economic development depends upon the timely presentation of appropriate information to prospective developers. Site location professionals pose detailed questions regarding specific site information as well as regional and community quality of life characteristics. Alternative sites are evaluated carefully prior to any investment decisions.

    Demographic and labor statistics, utility and tax information, as well as market and transportation accessibility data can be queried from menus written in SuperCard. Videodisc segments with “quality of 1ife” imagery about schools, parks, community activities and aerial site videos are scripted interactively into the process. Developers can access specific site and statistical information and understand the community’s “sense of place” from video imagery.

    This consolidated interactive information system allows local development officials to respond quickly to requests for information. More importantly, industrial representatives may investigate the region’s potential in a self-directed interactive query session.

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