“Distributed Scientific Visualization of Ocean Models” by Knesel

  • ©Robert Knesel


Entry Number: 07


    Distributed Scientific Visualization of Ocean Models

Program Title:

    Digital Bayou



Project Affiliation:

    Naval Oceanographic Office, Naval Research Laboratory, and Mississippi State University


    This prototype simulation enables operational or exercise planners to test various scenar- ios prior to initiation of the operation. The application is highly adaptable to training operations via interactive “fly- throughs” of ocean simulations, including interactive control of the ocean model itself.

    Participants use a virtual reality boom driven by a Silicon Graphics RE 3 engine. Imaging is also displayed on two Silicon Graphics MAX IMPACT work- stations. In addition, a continuous animation describes the evolution of the science of oceanography. In the virtual reality displays, 3-D images of the ocean include undulating surfaces, small tracer balls flowing through space, tub-like surfaces representing currents and eddies, and graphics from raytraced surfaces. The interactive circulation model is user-controlled via keyboard and certain parameters that affect the model’s solutions, such as current strength and wind force, are controllable.

    These techniques for incor- porating high-resolution bathymetry and acoustic back-scatter imagery into a simulated ocean floor visualization will eventually be coupled with oceanographic models to produce volumetric/parameter- selectable visualizations of the water column, and the results will be exported into an interactive bathymetric/topographic flythrough/flyover


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