“Digital Sports Using the “Bouncing Star” Rubber Ball Comprising IR and Full-color LEDs and an Acceleration Sensor” by Izuta, Nakamura, Sato, Kodama, Koike, et al. …

  • ©Osamu Izuta, Jun Nakamura, Toshiki Sato, Sachiko Kodama, Hideki Koike, Kentaro Fukuchi, Kaoru Shibasaki, and Haruko Mamiya


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    Digital Sports Using the “Bouncing Star” Rubber Ball Comprising IR and Full-color LEDs and an Acceleration Sensor



    Since ancient times, many people in the world loves a ball as an entertainment equipment. Design of the ball has been established and sophisticated as sport equipment used in soccer and baseball, in the sports that many people enjoy enthusiastically.

    Recently, a technical breakthrough has transformed the ball. Electronic devices have been started to be installed inside the balls. In our project, we focus on the creation of a new ball and entertainments for human beings using a ball comprising electronic devices.

    The previous studies carried out on our ball are as follows:

    ①Lumica Glow Football (Lumica Corporation)

    ②A ball containing infrared (IR) LEDs: IR Roboball MK2

    ③A ball containing IR LEDs: RCJ-04 (EK Japan Co., Ltd.)

    ④A ball containing a three-axis acceleration sensor in Kyukon

    We propose a ball that contains the abovementioned elements in one ball in order to realize a quality entertainment environment for human beings.

    The appearance of our ball (surface color, flashing speed of light and graphical effect around the ball) changes dynamically according to the acceleration data, and the position of the ball.

    To change the appearance, the ball is composed of full-color LEDs, whose color is controlled by a microprocessor connected to an acceleration sensor inside the ball. The ball is designed to emit IR light so that it can be detected. In order to obtain high elasticity, silicone was used as material to manufacture the ball “Bouncing Star” (Hane-Boshi in Japanese). Furthermore, we created effective computer graphics for determining performance using this ball. We also created new digital sports content “Space Ball” using Bouncing Star.

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