“Diamond Road Online: a user-guided documentary experience” by Lachman

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    Diamond Road Online: a user-guided documentary experience



    Diamond Road Online (DRO) is an experimental interactive documentary system that uses a unique interface and a software recommendation system to tell stories of the global diamond trade. It is associated with Kensington Communication’s 3-part television documentary “Diamond Road”, airing internationally. DRO uses a spreading-activation net and a collection of keyword-tagged media content to let viewers browse through a documentary database in a connected fashion. The DRO system uses software intelligence and user-recommendations to develop a custom documentary movie “on the fly”, as users move from video-clip to semantically relevant video-clip. Diamond Road Online reworks, re-imagines and significantly extends Davenport and Murtaugh [1995] in its inclusion of story-telling model meta-tags, the incorporation of user-feedback/content, the concept of story-sequences, the user interface/representation-of-state, and the development of a robust/reusable and publicly accessible architecture.

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    Davenport, Gloriana and Michael Murtaugh,”Con Text: Towards the Evolving Documentary”, in Proceeding of theThird ACM Iinternational Conference on Multimedia, ACM Press, San Francisco, 1995, 377-378


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