““Calakmul: The Adventure”” by Dunn, McKiernan, Kilian, Rishel, Patel, et al. …

  • ©Robert (Bob) M. Dunn, Patrick McKiernan, Rex Kilian, Marjorie Rishel, Kunal Patel, Kiko Restrepo, May Sin, Thomas Gonzales, Bonnie Bogovich, Julia Hustwit, Kinematos Video, and Melanie Dunn


    Our software kiosk application brings the Mayan archaeological site of Calakmul to life and celebrates the ingenuity of the ancient Mayan people. Calakmul is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Our interactive software integrates rich 3D renderings of historical architecture and museum artifacts with 2D illustrations and animations. The presentation format speaks in a contemporary visual language to young people. The main goal for the user is to retrieve a personal necklace from a jaguar by exploring the complex and ultimately by mending a broken funerary mask and restoring harmony. Along the way, facets of the Mayan culture are presented and explained in text, audio and graphical terms. Thatching of a hut roof, preparation of a cacao drink, practicing the ball game, designing a stela, producing a fresco wall painting, these are some of the daily activities of the Mayan complex shared with the visitor. Monumental architecture such as the main temple and the palace, and detailed interior tomb settings, immerse the visitor in a pristine past reality that contrasts with the decayed contemporary remains that are transformed into their original states during the journey.


    Maribel Ibarra, current Papalote Museum Exhibitions Director and Curator, continues to support the implementation of this project in the gallery spaces.


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