“ACM SIGGRAPH Practitioners Town Hall” by Joya and Segal

  • ©Juan Miguel de Joya and Peter Segal


Entry Number: 25


    ACM SIGGRAPH Practitioners Town Hall


    The SIGGRAPH Practitioners Town Hall is an in-person session on how ACM SIGGRAPH and the SIGGRAPH conferences can help computing professionals in our field. Specifically: 1. How can we help you advance and/or transition in your career? Whether you are someone just starting out in your field, are exploring different forks your career can take down the line or thinking about switching disciplines, understanding and determining your personal and professional priorities is critical to helping you make the best decisions for your development. 2. How can we help you become a better practitioner? Identifying how to best communicate and provide these to you and the greater SIGGRAPH practitioner community is a challenge. We are keen to learn what ACM SIGGRAPH can do to reach out and connect with practitioners in ways that resonate and matter. 3. How Can We Make SIGGRAPH Better for Practitioners? Would want our to resources align with the topics and themes that interest that you, your team, and/or your company at large are invested in. We will discuss what ACM SIGGRAPH and the SIGGRAPH conferences can do to improve the value of these resources to the greater practitioner community, and how we can ensure that your experiences with these resources, be it online or on-site, reflect and addresses your needs. This town hall is organised by the ACM SIGGRAPH Practitioner Career Development Committee (PCDC), whose directive is to plan, develop, and facilitate activities that support the career development of computer graphics and interactive techniques practitioners across different industries worldwide.

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