“A Multi-Projector Display System of Arbitrary Shape, Size and Resolution” by Majumder, Lai and Tehrani

  • ©Aditi Majumder, Duy-Quoc Lai, and Mahdi Abbaspour Tehrani


Entry Number: 02


    A Multi-Projector Display System of Arbitrary Shape, Size and Resolution



    A long anticipated system in graphics environments is an inexpensive multi-projector display on immersive surfaces like cylinders or domes that can be easily deployed and maintained. The key feature to popularize its adoption is the capability to run contents (e.g. desktop) on this display very easily. Several commercial vendors like Christie Digital or Scalable displays offer such solutions but at a tremendous cost of deployment and maintenance. Our lab has been a forerunner in developing sophisticated automatic geometric and color registration techniques for deploying seamless multiprojector displays on popular non-planar surfaces (e.g. cylinders, domes, truncated domes) promising a tremendous ease in deployment [Sajadi and Majumder 2010a; Sajadi and Majumder 2009; Sajadi and Majumder 2010b; Sajadi et al. 2011; Sajadi and Majumder 2011; Sajadi et al. 2009]. It received significant attention in Graphics, VR and Visualization venues in the past 5 years. However, it was not integrated with content delivery. Hence, an end-to-end system to deliver content on automatically calibrated non-planar displays has not been demonstrated yet.


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