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    Real-Time Live! invites you to share your cutting-edge, real-time technology demos. Whether you are demoing the latest in game technology, real-time scientific visualization, or an augmented reality app, there is no better opportunity to showcase your transformative technology than at Real-Time Live!

    Join us to celebrate the most exciting event of the year for real-time rendering, back in person again after the long pandemic. This live event showcases an electrifying sample of the latest and most advanced interactive projects in real-time. Those attending live will have a chance to vote for this year’s Audience Choice winner.

    Plus, don’t miss a live pre-show from Promethean AI, building a game level in just a few minutes live on stage.

    “The most electrifying part of Real-Time Live! is that anything can happen! Since everything is live, we will experience not only the shocking advantage of the latest real-time rendering technologies but also the frustrating part like crashes. Buckle up! You will feel the excitement and nervousness of the presenters in person, and join us for the most anticipated live show of real-time rendering of the year!”

    Yibing Jiang
    SIGGRAPH 2022 Real-Time Live! Chair

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