This year, sigKIDS focused on getting involved with the local community and branching out to a new audience.

    In the spring of 1999, discussions were begun among sigKIDS, Community Outreach, representatives of the local schools, and the Louisiana Children’s Museum in New Orleans. During the fall of 1999, a group of students from Benjamin Franklin High School, a public magnet school in New Orleans, led by their teacher, Paul Werner, began to work on a Web site for sigKIDS. At SIGGRAPH 2000, they worked with SIGGRAPH TV/Online to produce Web content. The Web site also contains artwork and animations submitted by students and teachers from the US and Europe. This Web site will remain online until July 2001.

    SIGGRAPH 2000 has arranged for the Louisiana Children’s Museum to receive 15 computers donated by a generous local corporation. With this technology, the musuem developed its first hands-on lab for visitors.

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