At most education conferences, there is a lot of talk about what does, could, or should take place in the classroom. SIGGRAPH goes a step further in offering the future to a group of young students by inviting them to participate in SIGKids. Students work collaboratively in a non-hierarchical setting, exploring powerful new tools to express themselves with digital sounds and images. In an environment that stimulates and supports creativity and interactive learning, Apple, Amiga, IBM, Intel, and Silicon Graphics computers will be used with cameras, drawing pads, scanners, modems, and output through video, video-phones, modems, and videotape. Half of the projects are mentoring programs implemented specifically to be presented as models at SIGKids.

    —Coco Conn, Chair

SIGGRAPH 1993 SIGKids Chair:

SIGKids 93 Research Showcase Chair:


Special Thanks:

    Nick De Martino, Tom Earnist, Steve Luksic, Richard M. Mueller, Peter Norton, Jacquelyn E. Siminitus, Rick Smith, U.S. Department of the Interior, Pierre Zoville, ZZYZX

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