Yayoi Yokoyama: Ballerina

  • ©, Yayoi Yokoyama

  • ©, Yayoi Yokoyama

  • ©, Yayoi Yokoyama






Artist Statement:

    This work expresses the movements of a ballerina in a magnificent costume of organdy and lace. It is generated by a purely programmatic approach, without traditional drawing and painting. Beginning with a geometric concept based on a spiral, the process generates a great variety of unexpected forms through a sequence of parameters complicated by mapping affine transformations.
    Yayoi Yokoyama explores the relationship between digital technology and forms with an emphasis on visual technology. Her works have been widely exhibited in national and international venues, including the SIGGRAPH 2001 and SIGGRAPH 2003 Art Galleries. This series of work was exhibited at NICOGRAPH International in June 2009 and in New York in July and August 2009.