Volker Kuchelmeister: Transmutation

  • ©2016, Volker Kuchelmeister





Creation Year:



    2:29 min.


Artist Statement:

    In the weird and wonderful world of quantum mechanics, dimensional transmutation describes a phenomena which changes the state of a parameter by adding dimensions to its dimensionless condition. This experimental film applies this principle to visualize the complex interactions between atmosphere and climate. It utilizes a six-dimensional framework, comprised of regular space-time augmented with climate data collected between 1993 and 2011.

    Changes in global tropospheric temperature, mean sea level, and atmospherical co2 concentration are mapped onto the color palette, shape, and stereoscopic depth of a video clip, depicting a low-lying shoreline in Indonesia, threatened by rising sea levels.

    The film begins ‘flat’, but over time, with increasing co2 concentration in the atmosphere, its stereoscopic depth expands, and the landscape opens up to the observer, while temperature and sea-level changes modify color and shape.

Technical Information:

    Data source: Mean baseline CO2 concentration [ppm], CSRIO, Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station.

    Mean Sea Level [mm], Source: AVISO, Altimetry Satellite Data

    Global Average Tropospheric Temperatures [ºC], NOAA/UAH, Microwave Radiometer Satellite Data.

    Media Used: Video and processing.



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