Till Nowak: Blowout at Exit 16A

  • ©, Till Nowak



    Blowout at Exit 16A



Artist Statement:

    Blowout at Exit 16A is a vision of our future in which computer-generated elements and photo manipulation combine multiple layers of civilization. Old buildings meet new vehicles, an overdose of traffic, a mood of global warming, and the story of a car break-down in a pulsating world.
    Intriguing details, connection of traditional and modern techniques, and a metaphor of stagnation versus progress are the main aspects of the image. Palm trees in the warm, bright sunlight refer to a future of climatic change, while old buildings remind us of the past. Artifacts of the past meet artifacts of the future–not in a context of good and evil, but in a warm and melancholic mood.
    This complex digital compositing obeys the rules of traditional painting and photography, so it becomes a bridge between times and dimensions, which is a constant topic of Till Nowak’s work.