Theo. A. Artz: VR Comper ver. 5E: A Perspective Primer

  • ©2008, Theo. A. Artz



    VR Comper ver. 5E: A Perspective Primer


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Artist Statement:

    The VR Comper series of slow-art constructions represents historical-futuristic visualization devices. As stand-in artifacts from an imagined past (a pseudo-Victorian period), they evoke peculiar overarching notions between “Alberti’s Window,” Duchamp’s “Large Glass,” and other visual mechanistic antecedents to today’s electronic compositing systems. The artist’s approach is one that encourages viewers’ conceptual entanglements of faux realities. The piece is intended to create curious tensions in pinpointing its temporal (historical /current /futuristic) and/or conceptual (art/utility) locations, simultaneously both contentious and concrete.

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