Tarikh Korula: Texas Moments

  • ©2000, Tarikh Korula

  • ©2000, Tarikh Korula



    Texas Moments


Creation Year:



    Screen Saver


Artist Statement:

    “Texas Moments” is a screen saver whose subjects were all executed by the State of Texas in the year 2000. The whimsical flying toasters we have come to expect from screen savers are instead replaced by 40 Death Row inmates slowly scrolling by, following the contents of their last meals. They cycle, one after the other, in the order in which they were executed. When a user rolls over an inmate’s thumbnail image a larger picture of them fades in with their final statement.

    “Texas Moments” uses our idle computers’ monitors as a platform for social commentary. The piece was first exhibited as part of “Refresh – the Art of the Screen Saver” and has since been updated to include all of the individuals executed this past year. All images and text were culled from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Website. The screensaver is freely available at www.texasmoments.com

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