Tammy Mike Laufer: Between the Layers

  • ©, Tammy Mike Laufer

  • ©, Tammy Mike Laufer
  • ©, Tammy Mike Laufer
  • ©, Tammy Mike Laufer



    Between the Layers



Artist Statement:

    Our lives are experienced between physical layers, as fabrics, with many obstacles between layers of thoughts. Sometimes a woman wears many layers as obstacles, physical layers as fabrics, as well as layers of thoughts, and sometimes-emotional layers. To reveal herself a woman should remove all the layers, not the ones she wears, but the layers that conceal all her thoughts and desires. We all want to go out into the light, to break out into the world. The sustained way sometimes takes courage to get up and change ourselves, to do something, to change things as they are in the rest of the world. Sometimes you must swim against the stream. Although it appears that we have progressed, we are still struggling in almost every aspect of life. It is especially important to remember to see the light in our lives, even throughout all the layers. We can close the gap. Never lose hope! There is still so much work to be accomplished on the subject of equality between women and men. This video work is dedicated to this issue from a personal perspective, of the artist, showing different feelings and aspects.



Tammy Mike Laufer – Between the Layers from ACM SIGGRAPH on Vimeo.

Other Information:

    Identity, Performance, and Poetry

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