Suguru Goto: Duali

  • ©, Suguru Goto

  • ©, Suguru Goto

  • ©, Suguru Goto

  • ©, Suguru Goto

  • ©, Suguru Goto






Artist Statement:

    The idea of work is based upon the idea of performance on the context of new media, dance, music, and images, however it doesn’t really belong to any style, in fact. The controllers of gestures and other continuations, such as Wifi and programming are originally developed. Utilizing this, the work explores the extension of the potentialities in the relationship of man and machine. This performance specially exploits the interaction between the body of the performers and the video images and the body of the performers, and the image and architectural/lightning-like image on stage, which can transform in real-time, thanks to his BodySuit.

    This is based upon the concepts of Dualism. None of them are not intended to show superior or inferior, however the both interacts each other, and at last to bring the new different contexts. For example, with its two dancers (which seem to be the opposite characters), it expresses the interaction between the video representation and the real bodies which is presented on scene.

    In European philosophy, this refers to “mind-body” or “mind-matter dualism”, e.g. Cartesian Dualism, and the Asian philosophy talks “physical dualism”, e.g. the Chinese Yin and Yang. For example, the stage of performance is regarded as space – architecture / time – body. The dancers consist of female – male / man – machine, and like these, the work expresses its ideas that seem to conflict each other, but as a matter of fact, these co-exist. The images consist of only white – black, and augmented body – virtual space, the music are sound – noise /expression – abstract, the choreography is meant for rationality – perception / body – machine. One can extent these abstract “dualistic” ideas into the conjunction of geographic and cultural mixtures between Asia and Europe, as well.



ASIA2013_Gotu_Duali from ACM SIGGRAPH on Vimeo.