Shigeki Yamamoto: The Ray

  • ©, Shigeki Yamamoto

  • ©, Shigeki Yamamoto



    The Ray



    Kinetic Sculpture


    1040 mm x 900 mm x 1560 mm


Artist Statement:

    This work is the kinetic sculpture simulated and designed by computer. I created it with the inspiration from the ecology of the ray living in the marine. The analyzed and interpreted them in the light of organic moving. The fins of the work (like an umbrella’s ribs) are moved by a cam system and a motor. For the purpose of the simulation of a fin moving. I developed the short software of 3D-wireframe animation. Like this way, I think it is effective for creation as we artists use computer technology.

Technical Information:

    Hdw: NEC PC-9801 F2
    Sftw: Basic

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