Scott Brownrigg and Turner: Terminal Four

  • ©, Scott Brownrigg and Turner



    Terminal Four



Artist Statement:

    The major use of computer drafting systems in architecture, so far, has been in the production of working drawings. The objective here is to reduce the cost and shorten the time required for this phase of the design process by increasing the productivity of drafting workers. Computer drafting systems are particularly cost-effective on large projects with high levels of repetition, such as this airport terminal building.

Technical Information:

    GDS turnkey drafting system {Developed by Applied Research of Cambridge, in Cambridge, England; and marketed in the U.S. by McAuto}.

Process Information:

    Composition of Lines

    Architects have traditionally used T-squares or parallel rules, triangles and compasses to construct line drawings that define building geometry. But these traditional tools are now being replaced by computer drafting systems (just as the writer’s traditional pencil and typewriter are being replaced by word processing systems).

Other Information:

    Heathrow Airport, London

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