Satoko Moroi: The Floating Words

  • ©2000, Satoko Moroi and Shinji Sasada



    The Floating Words


Creation Year:



    Interactive installation


Artist Statement:

    “The Floating Words” provides the viewer with a new feeling: if you speak to a microphone, your voice drips into a water pool as water drops, and will begin to float. You can stir the “letters” with a stick.

    Speech recognition systems are completely different from other input systems, because we can input, without touching anything within the system.

    When one keys letter on a computer keyboard, the letters do not have substance, yet we know the letters are inscribed on a monitor. However, when inputting letters through speech recognition, it is a feeling just like magic.

    When your voice drips as water drops, when letters float in the pool, and can be stirred with a stick, you forget the everyday world, remembering instead the feeling from childhood when life was pleasant and time passed very slowly.

    This small pool is not the last form in this work. I hope to be able to correspond this concept to various and different places and situations; for instance, a fountain where people relax.