Sarah Rasines: Crystal Mine

  • ©, Sarah Rasines

  • ©, Sarah Rasines

  • ©, Sarah Rasines



    Crystal Mine



Artist Statement:

    Crystal Mine is an online music sharing platform that was created in 2018 to promote the exchange of music under the philosophy of #anticopyright. This independent label is intended to release music on cassette, mainly; reinforcing those fresh and risky projects based on experimentation. Since 2019, Crystal Mine Radio for Relative Radio is a bi-monthly radio program in which the latest trends and interests of both are explored through different formats. Crystal Mine affects the license of the #anticopyright to share music on the web and can be downloaded freely and used freely. From there, we can talk about the implications that late capitalism has in all this.

Other Information:

    Collaboration, Music, Open Source, and Sharing

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