Rebecca Ruige Xu, Sean Hongsheng Zhai: Agitato

  • ©2015, Rebecca Ruige Xu and Sean Hongsheng Zhai






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Artist Statement:

    Project Agitato attempts to represent evolving musical information within a single image frame, in the hope of capturing the subjective and perceptual qualities of time as expressed in music. The title of the project, named from the music term agitato, depicts the restless agitated style of the music. Each image in this series is generated based on a musical passage from Nicolas Scherzinger’s inter-sax-tive. For any given moment in time, spectrum of the music’s frequencies is analyzed and used as the input to construct visual elements with various characteristics. As the music progress, the visual elements accumulate and are composed into a single image reflecting the music material within a defined duration of time, allowing viewers to perceive the movement of music from a single viewpoint, rather than as a linear experience of time.