Plancton Art Studio: Relazioni Emergenti

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    Relazioni Emergenti


Creation Year:



    Interactive installation


Artist Statement:

    In this artificial life environment, individuals, represented by graphic filaments, are endowed with their own intelligence and character. They can interact, exchange information, and reproduce. Through genetic mutations, the population evolves and progressively develops adaptation. The emerging behavior is rendered as continuously new shapes and graphical patterns.

    The installation consists of one rear-projected screen that represents the artificial life environment. Observers interact with the artwork itself, transmitting “energy and life” to specific zones of the environment. A video camera detects the positions of the observers, and these loca· lions become zones of life germination. Each filament contains a sound message, which is sent to a sound synthesizer. The global result is an environment of parallel sonorities that progressively create coherent sound architectures.

    The main objective of the artwork is to build a metaphor of communication dynamics and “collective messages.” The work is inspired by complexity theory as a new area of interference between art and science. In this paradigm, complex systems of multiple individuals develop global behavioral properties through local chaotic interactions (self-organization).

    The results characterize the expressive elements of “Relazioni Emergenti” as emergent behavior in the sense of aesthetic shapes, either in terms of emergent relations between the artist, the artwork, and the observers, or in terms of concepts that emerge as the artificial-world metaphor produces hypotheses for the real world.

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