Philipp Engelhardt: Hildapromenade 4

  • ©2011, Philipp Engelhardt

  • ©2011, Philipp Engelhardt



    Hildapromenade 4


Creation Year:



    3D technology and animation, Polaroid photos


Artist Statement:

    Philipp Engelhardt’s Hildapromenade 4 installation visualizes the magical “in-between” of a set of photographs from a photo album he found on the street. The piece combines 3D technology and animations with the eight original Polaroid images to allow the spectator to enter the world of the woman shown in the pictures, narrating her story in a new context. Engelhardt uses his own graphical material in combination with the existing images to create his effects. In this way, the images are combined, reconstructed, and repeated so they can be seen in a new context on their own. To the observer, the visible alterations in the pictures are not immediately apparent; the manipulation is seen as the reality which the interface superposes. Engelhardt describes the piece’s impact: “Hildapromenade 4 reflects upon the value of the memories brought together in a photo album. At a time when photographs are increasingly stored on hard drives, and thus seem ever more elusive and intangible, it raises the question of which stories are able to be discovered in such often-unstructured visual material.”

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