Penny Feuerstein: untitled

  • ©1997, Penny Feuerstein





Creation Year:



    Iris print


    30" x 40"


Artist Statement:

    Conflicts and dualities created between culture and the free-flowing spirit are the forces that drive my artwork. On one level, I am referring to life patterns I create under the influence of technology. On a deeper level, I am referring to a transcendence. David Salle said in a 1997 issue of Art In America, “one of the impulses in new art is the desire to get outside the self and the desire to transcend one’s place.” I use the computer to transcend, to portray different levels of awareness: the interior spiritual, natural, and the exterior cultural. What can bring such complexities to the table can also be very calming because it can also be ultra-focused.

    Using the computer is a fluid way of expressing these dualities. My landscapes and still-lifes are created using common textures: the sole of a gym shoe, a window, or cement. I integrate my current artwork with many works I’ve done in the past. Using the computer to work backward and forward, I juxtapose disparate elements, creating an impossible coherence. Interestingly, what separates the elements also joins them.

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