Pedro Meyer: A Wooden Face

  • ©2006, Pedro Meyer



    A Wooden Face


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Artist Statement:

    ZoneZero, a web site dedicated to photography, is one of the most visited photography sites on the internet, with more than 114 million page views in the last three years. During the more than 10 years that it has been online, it has generated a community of photographers, art critics, and people throughout the world who are interested in photography as a cultural and artistic manifestation. Its name attempts to be a metaphor for the adventure it is to make images that go from analog to digital. Altogether, ZoneZero hosts the work of more than 250 photographers in the Gallery section and more than 1,500 in the Portfolio section. It has become an important reference in educational institutions that teach photography, and it has played a crucial role in the de-centralization of photography, creating a showcase for the work of talented photographers outside traditional cultural centers such as New York, Paris, and London. ZoneZero exhibitions are in a sense a library, a collection of stories, available at all times since the work stays permanently online and always finds a new audience. The images tell stories of loss (of a loved one, of land for which we fought, of ideals or of the world as we once knew it). They also tell stories of love, of everyday and family life, disease and pain, and great joy and empowerment.

Technical Information:

    We have never believed that the technical aspect of photography is what matters, but the content of the story it tells. Although technology plays an important role in our exhibitions, we prefer the stories to speak for themselves.

Other Information:

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