Paul Sermon: Telematic Vision

  • ©1993/1994/1995, Paul Sermon



    Telematic Vision


Creation Year:



    Telepresence Interactive Installation


    3.4' x 16.7' x 11.7'


Artist Statement:

    Two identical blue sofas are located in remote locations. In front of each sofa stands a video monitor and camera. The camera images are relayed between the sites via an ISDN line, chroma-keyed together, and displayed on monitors in front of each sofa simultaneously. Viewers in both locations assume the function of the installation and sit down to watch television, to experience a live image of themselves sitting on a sofa next to a telepresent person. They start to explore the space and understand they are now in complete physical control of a telepresent body that can interact with the other user. The more intimate and sophisticated the interaction becomes, the further they enter into the telematic space. The division between the remote telepresent body and the actual physical body disappears, leaving only one body that exists in and between both locations.

    Assisted by the semiology of the sofa and the scenario of the television, consciousness is extended and resides within the interaction of the user. Telematic Vision is a vacant space of potentiality. It is nothing without the presence of the users who create their own television program by becoming voyeurs of their own spectacle.

    Telematic Vision was originally produced at the ZKM Center for Art and Media Technology Karlsruhe, whilst Paul Sermon worked as an artist in residence at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media under the Directorship of Jeffrey Shaw. Telematic Vision premiered at the ZKM Multimediale 3 in October 1993 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

    Special thanks to the ZKM Institute for Visual Media for supporting the presentation of this project.

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