Mostafa Barakate: Revolution

  • ©2007, Mostafa Barakate





Creation Year:



    Computer graphics on paper


    41 inches x 30 inches


Artist Statement:

    I began creating artworks early in life, when I was about nine years old. When I was 14, I won a drawing competition organized by the Goethe Institute in Cairo and drawing awards in the Czech Republic, Japan, and Egypt. I studied drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, and printmaking at the faculty of fine arts in Alexandria (BA 2001), and I specialized in printmaking. During that time, I also showed my work in several art contests and exhibitions. It’s not about money or fame. It’s about how a good artist sees the world and is inspired by everything. The sense of art is inside all of us, but some of us make it grow, and others ignore it.

Technical Information:

    This work was created with Adobe Photoshop. I worked on each
    channel individually with filters, contrast, levels, textures, transforms, rotating, hue, and saturation. When that process was complete, I grouped the channels into one image and exported the image to Painter, where I added hand work, colors, shadows, etc.

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