Lynn Hershman: Room of One’s Own

  • ©, Lynn Hershman

  • ©, Lynn Hershman



    Room of One's Own



Artist Statement:

    Room of One’s Own is a computer-based installation in which the viewer initiates operation simply by “looking inside.” The viewer voyeur’s eye movements trigger the video and computer action. Constructed to reference early “peep shows” as well as feminist concerns about the construction of female identity, the viewer/voyeur is required to peer into a small specially constructed bedroom scene. A tiny video camera digitizes the eye movements and sends the signal to the computer, which causes the videodisk to access proper segments.

    This piece is not only about voyeurism but also about how one responds to being looked at. Several objects are situated in the tiny bedroom, including a bed, telephone, table, and television. Modular video segments are accessed as each is looked at. A Room of One’s Own is also designed to respond to the viewer’s physical presence via audio sensors placed beneath the mat upon which the viewer stands. Sound and words enter the environment and, like sirens, invite response. The image of the viewer’s eyes are inserted into a small television set in the tiny room, making the viewer/voyeur a ‘virtual’ part of the scene being viewed.


    Sara Roberts

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