Lyn Bishop: Gestures IV

  • ©2000, Lyn Bishop



    Gestures IV


Creation Year:



    Framed and matted digital fine art prints, presented in diptych format


    24 inches x 34 inches


Artist Statement:

    The “Gestures” series represents the balance between opposites. Through the use of the traditional feminine art of body painting, the strong gestural hand motions, and modern technology, this diptych speaks to the male and the female, the yin and the yang of our own expressions.

    “Gestures IV” and “Gestures V” embody a message of hope that each indigenous culture may enter the increasingly homogenized 21st century with its unique cultural blueprint in tact. In the race towards economic and technological advancement and the quest for globalization, we run the risk of sacrificing cultural diversity. These pieces reflect my wish that technology be used as a means to preserve and celebrate cultural diversity rather than destroy it. My art reflects my desire to preserve the gentle balance between honoring cultural traditions, and embracing the future and all that it brings.

    In my art, I begin by traveling throughout the world, where I find intrigue in the human cultural elements encountered. The simple, unsophisticated and organic details catch my attention. Each place and culture reveals its beauty to me in its everyday traditions. Capturing the unexpected interplay between color, texture, and imagery is at the heart of my work. By blending art, culture, and technology, I aspire to honor and show reverence for traditional cultures while dancing in step with modern technology.