Leesa Abahuni, Nicole Abahuni: Chaotic Robotic Synesthesia

  • ©2000, Leesa Abahuni and Nicole Abahuni



    Chaotic Robotic Synesthesia


Creation Year:





    13 feet x 13 feet


Artist Statement:

    Inspired by the theories of Jean Dauven (“Couleurs”, No. 77, September, 1970, Paris), and fascinated by synesthesia – the producing of a subjective response normally associated with one sense by stimulation of another sense – we have created an environment in which we can investigate a synesthetic experience. Our performance, “Chaotic Robotic Synesthesia,” explores the sharing of the senses; the vibration of music and color through the overall fusing of the minds of machines, artists, and musicians. This performance includes two infrared robots, one programmed platform, seven human musicians, and two human animators. In this performance, the music is propelled by the mixing of the colors and the sharing of the frequencies. The active forging of tactile, aural, and visual perception between humans and in collaboration with technology, asks questions which can yield ways of better understanding, seeing, and hearing natural order.