Lai Jiun-Ting: Understand_V.T.S.HAOS

  • ©2019, Lai Jiun-Ting

  • ©2019, Lai Jiun-Ting
  • ©2019, Lai Jiun-Ting

  • ©2019, Lai Jiun-Ting





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    Robotic and Artificial Intelligent


Artist Statement:

    Is there any other way for us to understand the world through Human and AI integration? Un- derstand_V.T.S.HAOS is an installation that substitutes senses. It helps explore and ponder in the process of cultivation. This work conducts an experiment in which the possibility of the cooperation between natural and artificial algorithms is assessed, and serves as an approach to human enhancement. That is, it investigates how well our brains (natural) work with AI (man-made). Neuroplasticity allows our senses to perceive the world in various ways in which, for example, we might see not with our eyes, but with skin, or listen not through our ears, but through taste buds. “Skin vision” relies on the brain parsing pieces of information and thereafter shaping cognition. The project makes use of an object recognition system called YOLO v3. The recognized objects are then converted into the Braille reading system and written onto the skin of one’s upper leg. Additionally, the project produces a tactile image that is drawn directly on one’s back.

    You can control a robot that wanders about your surroundings. The signals received by the robot’s left eye will translate the result of object detection to Braille and deliver it to your leg, while its right eye converts the signal received into the tactile image to your back. Eventually your brain will manage to comprehend the meaning of these signals, unlocking a new tactile cognition through Human and AI integration.

    Consciousness is the reason why the world exists. Only when the universe is being observed by cognition will it emerge. Understand_V.T.S.HAOS probes into the intervention by machines in the augmentation of discriminative functions, exploring how to stimulate the perception of the tactile, and reconstructing how our brains perceive the world.


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