Kenta Nakagawa: Inner Mind Architecture

  • ©2013, Kenta Nakagawa

  • ©2013, Kenta Nakagawa



    Inner Mind Architecture


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Artist Statement:

    Inner Mind Architecture is a space live performance that uses video, multilayered structured screens, light, haze, sound-fields in the architecture and wind machine. This virtual architecture Performance was made and presented in St. Gertrud Church in Cologne December 2013 Version 1.0 (built by architect Gottfreid Böhm in 1965). (Update Version2.0 Arsenale Venezia Italy)

    I created the new virtual space in architecture that uses six elements. Inner mind architecture is a virtual architecture with time axis and it is an amplifier of mind using six elements in the Church. My artistic-concept is the expanded generative architecture.

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