Ken O’Connell: From our Imagination

  • ©1998, Kenneth R. O'Connell



    From our Imagination


Creation Year:



    8 1/2" x 7"


Artist Statement:

    In 1978, I began to work with computers with David Foster, then head of the University of Oregon Art department. In 1980, Larry Cuba expanded my introduction to the new technology with his two-week workshop in Eugene. Gene Bressler and I organized and directed the 1st Pacific NW Computer Graphics Conference, and we were off and running.

    My animation and ceramics background helped me understand the process nature of the computer. Terry Beyer and I made Chips in Space in 1984, and since then computers have been a solid part of our fine arts program at the University of Oregon.

    The challenge for me has always been to explore ideas and concepts that can best be presented or explored through interactive computer graphics. I am working internationally on a number of multimedia projects and hope to make a contribution in this area. One of the products I helped developed is ALPHAPLANET, which is on sale in Japan.