Kathi Stertzig: kitchen sensation

  • ©2004, Kathi Stertzig



    kitchen sensation


Creation Year:



    Metal, textile, prints


    150 centimeters x 50 centimeters


Artist Statement:

    The purpose of design is to broaden the channels of sensation and communication to experience our realities more holistically, and to make us more receptive to the various sensual experiences. While we live in a world that has “virtual spaces” that are only based on sight and sound, we need to make sure that we do not lose “touch” with our realities. Synaesthesia teaches us that reality has no particular form, but does have content that can be experienced in many different ways. Multisensorial awareness has been lost from the consciousness of many people. Synaesthetes are consciously aware of their transmodal perceptions. My project is aimed to explore the possibilities of multisensorial perception in design – to give people the gift of synaesthesia. How does inner-multisensorial perception influence the outer shape? Your personal space is an expression of your identity. It is your personal interpretation of living. What do space and living environment mean for synesthetic people? Is the interaction of senses relevant for the perception of visual shapes? How do smell, taste, and sound influence form and design? As yet, research mostly has been two-dimensional. Synaesthetic people often paint their three-dimensional visions. But what can be learned about space while there is a difference between the written,the spoken and the three-dimensional representation of the word “table?” What happens in the kitchen, where the senses melt together? What is the sound of a pan like? Observed by several synaesthetic and non-synaesthetic volunteers, I explored the perception of frying, stories, associations, sounds, tastes, and feelings. The research resulted in a series of different customised pans with what I would call alienating and surreal features. The products’ use is not changed, only its common characteristic. The action of frying can be irritated by a slight change in the attributes of the product. Sit down and perceive your perception!

Technical Information:

    My work derives from:
    1 . A video explaining synaesthesia.
    2. A survey of synaesthetic women. Theme: “bakken, braten, baking”(printed book).
    3. The translation of their perception in different cast-iron frying pans.
    Each pan invites you to interact with your food in different ways:
    • “Biting smell” – a sharp-edged pan to chop your vegetables.
    • “Read the meat” – a middle-sized pan with engraved appetizing
    • “Closer touch” – a pan in between protection and coziness.
    • “Tickling hairs” – two connected gloves, to substitute for the pans’ missing handles. The inside evokes special tactile sensations (material: cotton and silicone).

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