Junghoon Lim: Number in /-Ching

  • ©2004, Junghoon Lim



    Number in /-Ching


Creation Year:



Artist Statement:

    This project studies the connection between Oriental philosophy and digital media. After an in-depth analysis of the underlying philosophy and logic of the I-Ching, the project sought to attach media factors (sound, shape, color, divination) to the I-Ching’s structure.

Technical Information:

    The literary production was studied in three phases. In the first phase, a demonstration model was produced to understand the algorithm and confirm whether the algorithm of I-Ching philosophy can be visualized. In the second phase, we developed an art algorithm based on the digital media and confirmed it by applying the algorithm of I-Ching philosophy and developing the various typed expressions. In the third phase, we developed and confirmed the iter­ ation of the I-Ching-based media presentation tool, through visualizing a boundless interrelationship among various media factors assigned to five primary substances by algorithm and producing a tool for users to control and express the media factors and the I-Ching algorithm simultaneously.

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