Jun Fujiki: OLE Coordinate System

  • ©2007, Jun Fujiki



    OLE Coordinate System


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Artist Statement:

    Optical illusions, which are not possible in the real world, are often used in still images and animation. With computers, I transform a static optical illusion into an interactive optical illusion and allow the character in the image to perform “impossible” movements in a virtual 3D world. The character moves automatically on the block and the stairs. Not only can the character move according to physical laws in the virtual 3D world, but he can also pass between separate blocks that seem to be connected. When the object is behind the falling character, he lands on the object even if the object is behind him in the 3D world. When a hole is not visible, the character ignores the hole as if it does not exist. When the character jumps, he is always in front of the objects. I hope that this work will release viewers from the preconceptions that surround us.