Julie Andreyev: Wait

  • ©2011, Julie Andreyev

  • ©2011, Julie Andreyev





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Artist Statement:

    The human-companion species relationship is the starting point for the critique explored in Wait. Wait is part of the larger Animal Lover body of work, which is situated within a developing area of artistic practice referred to as “interspecies collaboration.” Contemporary cultures for the most part consider animals in terms of consumption: as food source, experimental subject, ecological resource, entertainment, etc. Critical to Animal Lover are questions and critiques addressing human relations with non-humans, particularly companion species. These works reconsider the animal as conscious, expressive, and creative, with complex states of being different from, but potentially as rich as, those of humans.

    In Wait, human and canine communication methods are brought to bear within an interactive video installation. The piece uses interactive technologies that track the physical presence and movement of visitors to the work, allowing for direct contribution to the creation of meaning. Taking cues from the movements of the visitor, the dog (as imaged in the video) points to the relationship of control. The dog appears to be waiting for direction – looking directly at the visitor, implying a state of suspended urgency. Visitors are compelled to ask questions about their relationship to the dog. In this way, the piece depicts the complex relationship between humans and companion species who share the domestic space. For the most part, companions such as dogs, cats, and birds are subject to conditions of human dwelling (home) and the systems and codes of power, space, and communication associated with it. Wait was produced in partnership with Banff New Media Institute, The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada.


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