Judith Darmont: Urban Spirits

  • ©, Judith Darmont



    Urban Spirits



Artist Statement:

    With Urban Spirits, Judith Darmont creates both digital street art and an interactive tool for citizens and urbanists. Digital street art is taking spontaneous art expression like graffiti into a new dimension. Using pico-LED or Laser projectors, screenings can happen anytime, any place. With HD Cam, Internet and social networks, you can easily find tracks from Urban Spirits. In many cities, Urban Spirits can be viewed with augmented reality by video artworks.
    Augmented reality is not dealing with 2D or 3D pictures but with real video. Also, for the city hall itself, it’s an innovative way to stream digital art and spirits from its own city, with a virtual interface. At the same time, Urban Spirits showcases how the digital world could be synonymous with zero pollution and environmental impact.

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