Jing Zhou: Living Mandala

  • ©, Jing Zhou

  • ©, Jing Zhou

  • ©, Jing Zhou



    Living Mandala



Artist Statement:

    “Living Mandala” is an exploration into uncharted territories of the human soul sculpted by our present time. This interactive revolving graphical system visualizes our perceptions of life (microcosm) and the universe (macrocosm), our connections to ancient mythology, -cosmology, and cultural heritage, and the relationships among humankind, science, technology, and nature in a globalized society. Merging rich historical, cultural, and scientific imagery and symbols with real-time data and sound, this living organism alters every moment responding to the movement, light, sound, and temperature of its surroundings. Built with Processing, an open source programming language and environment including real time data and scientific imagery, this project consists of three layers with complex graphics and symbols: 36 ancient mandalas and cosmological circular imagery collected from 16 cultures, 15 graphics representing human studies and perceptions of the world and the universe, and nine nature icons.